About Lakota Room Salon


Hey there, thanks for visiting. Let’s chat about how we are changing the hair salon experience in Houston.

Great People

This team, these people, are about growth. We celebrate success and we encourage after failure. Why? Because at the end of the day, we are all just human. Just trying to do a little better each day. When you can surround yourself with a family seeking personal and professional growth - well, that just creates an awfully empowering environment.

Great Service

We think about your service, and your experience, a lot. Like, way too much a lot! Why? Well, maybe it is our love language. Or it could be a small obsession! But we believe the combination of great people, great service, and a great hair salon environment may just help you get through that tough day. Or it may power you on into the night. Whatever road you are on right now, we know your time and money are valuable. Heck, you are valuable. Our goal is to deliver a great experience every time you visit.

Great Hair

Oh girl, do we think about hair way too much! But this is our craft - there is no shame in our game! We have all taken lots of different roads to find our way to doing this professionally. And we dig our craft. We respect our profession. And we want to be good - like real good! So our education and training is in depth, and it is continuous. We don’t stop. How else can we keep you on trend?

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