Angela Deaton


Owner and Growth Enabler

Favorite Women’s Cut?

Pixie - because they are so fun!

Favorite Color Service to Perform?

Lived-in blondes or any blondes. They can be challenging therefor fulfilling when finished.

Most Memorable Moment With a Client?

Anytime I find out they are pregnant!

Favorite Education Class in Last Year?

Serious Business for salon owners.

Why Did You Choose This Career?

I love people!

Who’s Your Biggest Professional Influence?

Ashlee Norman. She is an amazing stylist, innovative, quirky, and doesn’t buy into all of the outside noise.

What’s One Thing People Don’t Know About?

I love seeing kid’s characters in costume (like a real life Mickey Mouse)!

Hobbies Outside Your Profession?

Spin, making clothing, and I’m a theme park junkie!

Alter Ego?

Poppy from Trolls - always motivating everyone and is positive! Plus she loves glitter and dancing!

What Do You Want To Be Known For?

Being a Growth Enabler, or as our team calls me, a hype-man! Also, I love creating and developing brands.